A Super Super Bowl

Ok… I am a few days late. Who cares because the GIANTS WON THE GIANTS WON!!!!

Fooled you. I said before when I posted my Super Bowl Snackies that I don’t give a hoot about football… but a good football party? That’s a whole ‘nother question!

Bf and I headed over to Andrew and Thao’s house for the Super Bowl and our host and hostess out did themselves! The spread was amazing ranging from carrots and dip to pâté to spanakopita… the works!

The weather in the south has been sublime as of late. The highs have been in the 60’s and many days even skyrocketing to the 70’s. I don’t think… in fact, I know… that I have never been to a Super Bowl party wearing a T-Shirt and flip-flops (comfortably). We had the doors open and the windows cracked, letting the cool breeze blow through the house while we watched the game and chowed down. I think that that may be my most favorite thing to do on earth.

The weather was even so nice that our friend Amanda got out there and learned to scooter… to ride a scooter… to scooter… whatever it is.

Off she goes! Look in the right half of the photo for her. She was brave. That scooter is heavy and I have to admit that it freaks me out a little. I guess I won’t be cruising on a Harley anytime soon.

Look at that gorgeous day! It felt like Spring out there!

Even Thao and Andrew’s dog Collin was enjoying the day… by finding an enormous stick to carry around and bang everyone with.

But he was just as happy as we all were about the fabulous weather.

Oops… there goes Amanda again!

Andrew and Thao had just returned from their (amazing sounding) honeymoon in Vietnam. They spent about two weeks getting married again, traveling, and honeymooning. By having two weddings and two sets of wedding photographs, these two know how to be photographed!

Bf and I on the other hand do not.

Yeah, he was riding me like a horse. Its an old party trick.

We all huddled around the t.v. come game time to cheer on the Giants and the…. hmm… who was it again? Just kidding (kind of).

We may not have known who was playing until that day, but we totally got into it.

Thao made fun of me for wearing my Atlanta Falcons t-shirt. I was just trying to be football festive. I was sending good vibes to the Falcons, that’s all.

From my list on Sunday of Super Bowl Snackies I ended up making two cocktails and red pepper poppers. The Chile Lime Margarita was amazing! It was sweet (but not too sweet) with the hint of pepper. That little kick made it amazing!

I also made a Basil Hound. I substituted the Rosemary in the recipe from Sunday with basil and left off the salt. I figured one salt rimmed drink was enough for the month for the night.

This is my new favorite cocktail. Instead of all the juice, I added about 1/2 juice 1/2 sparkling water. Yum.

I hope everyone had a great Super Bowl evening. There is nothing better than getting together with friends for some fun… and I guess that it doesn’t hurt to throw a little football in the mix too.