Oinky is my pig, was my pig, will always be my pig. My boyfriend, John’s, mother has a farm and got a pot bellied pig right before Thanksgiving 2010. Desperate for a peek at this beast, I paid a visit to the farm and to a small black and white pig named Oinky. I couldn’t bear to part with Oinky when it was time to go home the next day. I couldn’t believe it when John’s mom said I could take Oinky home for the long Thanksgiving weekend. It was our intention to return him once Thanksgiving was over and he could live on the farm. Well, days turned into weeks, which turned into months. Oinky grew into a big ol’ little pig with a big ol’ attitude. His love of bananas was precious and frustrating when he would cry for them all hours of the day. After months of loving Oinky while simultaneously complaining about him, we gave Oinky to a great family in Tennessee. But while Oinky was living in our small California ranch, we had some definite pig-moments.

Oinky’s adventures

Oinky for sale

Oinky crazy in the yard

Oinky in love

Oinky vs. cereal


Oinky on the couch

Oinky in the yard

Oinky finally belongs

Oinky and the turkey burger

Oinky up close


Oinky and the animals

Oinky in the snow

Oinky on a walk

Oinky back in action

Oinky is a man no mo’

Oinky likes oranges

Oinky tests Chum’s patience

Oinky is kinda cute

Oinky Roots

Oinky eats

Oinky in the morning

Oinky is weird


Oinky joins the family

Oinky makes me tired

Oinky and me = love

Oinky in the car

Oinky and I meet


5 thoughts on “Oinky

  1. Oh my god this is soooo sweet!!!

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