Ol’ Mir is 53… I mean, 33

On Saturday morning, I woke up at 7:00 a.m. Yes, I did. I swear. All for the person who gave me life… and some really nice shoes last week… my mother. It is Ol’ Mir’s birthday today and we celebrated this past weekend with a nice dinner in Spartanburg. My sister, Erin, was driving up from Myrtle beach while Bf and I were driving over from Atlanta. See, my sister Erin and I are the good kids. We went home. Boo Ya Emily and Brady. Now Mom loves us more.

Just kidding. I only know that she loves me more.

My sister texted me at 11: “Where are you?”

I responded: “In bed. Too tired. I will be there around 5.”

To which my sister gave me a screen full of not nice letters and words.

To which I said: “Hehe. JK.”

To Which Then I sent her this picture:

Then I sent her this picture:

I continued playing on my phone for the next two hours until we pulled into my parents’ driveway. Thank the lawd for “Tiny Wings.” Usually when I walk into my parents’ house, we all hug “hello” and kiss each other on the cheek and talk about how excited we are to see one another…. but not this time. I shot my parents a high five and a “sup?” and made a beeline for their new dog Ruby. I also had just seen my parents the week before, so it was no big woop.

The girls went off to get their nails done while Bf and my dad went off to get some BBQ in what Bf referred to as “the most red neck place he had ever been with the best food he had ever had.” Well, that’s nice.

Once we got to the nail salon, we sat down for some girl talk.

And some major staring. I have a problem, I really do. I could people watch all day. I need no job… I just need people to say things like “eet may be clumpy ’cause eet’s dun been seeting een my truck fer ever.” Yep. Erin and I were happy as clams.

We both left the nail salon with electric orange toe nails. Erin swears they make her look more tan. I believe her. 

Don’t ya, Erin?

Jeez… don’t get angry. Its just nail polish and like I said before I believe you….

When we got back it was time for Mudder to open her gifts.

She got an iPad and asked “Which finger does this go on?” We all said “Moooooooooooooooom!” Then I taught her how to use it and now she says she “gets it.”

Ruby and Buster kept a close watch to make sure that everything was going ok and continued that way. 

Bf missed the gift exchange because he was at Walmart. That’s right. He was at Walmart. My parents have a little lake across the street and he just had to get a fishing pole. I thought that he was going to cry when he realized he had left his at home. He also picked up a plastic motor boat toy-thing. Boys. I just don’t get it. 

 Erin bought mom some card about a nursing home. She thought it was heeeelarious. 

All the while, Bf worked on getting his motor boat toy thing out of the tricky packaging. It was about 90 degrees outside so we all headed in. A few minutes later we look out to see Bf playing with the boat in my mom’s fountain. Jeez.

Don’t worry. Buster kept watch. 

We headed off to Greenville for a nice steak dinner to celebrate my mudder. 

The birthday girl was ready to party… albeit alone. 

Then my dad realized he should join her. 

I don’t like this picture. I look weird. Erin looks too pretty. Thanks Erin. 

There was pink champagne, great steaks, and the biggest french fries and onion rings I had ever seen. 


Like, always… there is something so great about going home.

Happy 53rd 33rd Birthday Mama!

Inman Park Explorations

With bf and one half of Thandrew out of town the other half and I decided to have a girls night down in Inman Park. Plans for a girl’s night almost always include going to dinner somewhere that we would not normally get to go to (distance reasons, etc). Immediately, Inman park was an easy choice… but where to?

I have always wanted to go to Sotto Sotto, but if I ate pasta for dinner, I would need to go lie down.

Then we looked at Rathbun’s, but we wanted something a little lighter. That is on the “I HAVE to go there list.”

Then we stumbled upon Park’s Edge. Even just looking at the menu, we knew it was the right place for tonight.

The description on that website got me hooked before I even looked at the menu. “As the shadows of the park lengthen and the sun sets behind the Atlanta sky line…” uh, yes. I’m such a sucker. The restaurant was located off Highland Ave and on this interesting back alley.

Very San Fran-like hill walk up.

There was graffiti, which meant…. photo op, of course.
Nothing like an urban backdrop to really get me excited. 
Then we continued on our way to Park’s Edge. 
I forgot that it was Inman Park’s restaurant week, so there was a Prix Fixed menu. We just ordered some salads and appetizers.
Really good, perfectly seared scallops done asian style… notice the HUGE sprig of Rosemary on the dish.
Um… i ate it. The WHOLE thing. Total accident, but it did not taste good. 
Another cheese plate! Like I said, I could just eat meat and cheese plates. Remember I just had one at Leon’s Friday night. 
This plate was very different from last night. On the plate: prosciutto, gorgonzola, bresaola, and an asiago cheese along with green tomatoes and kalamata olives. 
Then we had the salads. 
Artichoke salad
Heirloom tomato salad. When I ordered it, this is not what I pictured, but it was still good. 
This is definitely a place to try and I would order an entree next time I go. Walking back down the hill, we caught a pretty view of the ATL skyline.
Uh oh… its that an urban backdrop?! Is that GRAFFITI?!
I just can’t resist. Remember that sometimes, once just aint enough
Oh and that wasn’t it. We explored Carroll Street Cafe and then to Nino’s. 
That was when I captured this gem:
For real? If Mr. Zipper asked me out on a date… well, that would never happen. For real?! Is it just me? Where does a man even find a shirt like that?

Leon, I think I love you.

I am an easy to please burger girl sometimes. I got my fix last night. Remember my Lara Bar post? I have been dreaming of a dripping with catsup (ketchup) ever since. I made it a while! Last night at Leon’s, we were starved from the moment we walked in. There was a group of six of us: Thandrew, Teej, Magpie, Jordache, and myself. We were seated in this very private booth so we could hoop and holler to our hearts content. And hoop and holler we did!

Girls alway taking pictures. In between my self and 1/2 of Thandrew is Magpie. 

Jordache and I had burger dreams that were about to come true… hence the smiles.
But before the food, Absinthe (really?!). 1/2 of Thandrew, Magpie and I all shared one (and never finished it…phew.) 
Because who DOESN’T drink Absinthe before dinner? Yeah, we are Europeans. 
It was a lot milkier than I thought it would be.

While, yes, I got to eat a burger, I am a sucker for cured meats and cheeses. I should change my name to “Charcuterie.” Its that bad. So I ordered the rogue smokey blue and a gouda cheese with the pine st. coppa. Mmmm….

Then, Jordache and I split the white oak pastures grass-fed burger, tillamook cheddar, catsup & mustard, bread and butter pickles. Here is my half, gleaming at me. 

They have awesome homemade sauces too. I got the homemade ketchup and bacon and tarragon mayo (I don’t even like mayo, but by the end of the meal, I was dipping my fries in it.)
The table was well-hidden in the restaurant, but if you needed to get out, it was a little tricky. Teej had to hold up a napkin so that the ladies could wiggle out under the table without exposing too much. 

After a trip to Rhode Island this summer, I feel in love with the Dark ‘n Stormy. I couldn’t believe they had them here, so I promptly ordered on. Not nearly as good as the ones in Newport, but it did the trick. 

Recipe for Dark ‘n Stormy:
dark rum (Gosling’s is what makes the drink)
ginger beer
and enjoy… apparently it is also Bermuda’s signature drink
Interesting seating arrangements in the car had us all in stitches. The six of us were jammed in the car singing “Let’s Give ‘Em Something to Talk about” at the top of our lungs. Hilariously fun. 

Thanks to Leon’s for a delicious dinner and the setting for a hilarious night!
What’s your favorite song to sing at the top of your lungs?