Instgram-ing at the Lake

I love Instagram. Its such a cool way to make your pictures look… well, cool. Sometimes, I can be a bit of an addict… especially if I am doing something particularly fun or different. Like driving through the North Georgia Mountains last weekend for a night at Lake Burton with friends. It was an awesome way to spend the last weekend before school officially started and was awesome enough to make me want to return… every weekend.

We started by leaving from Atlanta and heading due north.

I love this drive. The more north you go the more mountains you see. Its crazy to think that this is not really that far from my house. I should come up here more often. I think I say that every time.

Whats a mini road trip without stopping for some roadside goods? While I was buying up honey and okra, John was out trying to feed the horses apples…. from my purse… that were my lunch.

You never know what you will see in North Georgia.

Once we got to Lake Burton, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was gorgeous. Mountains + Lake = Awesomeness.

As a huge sucker for dogs and an even bigger sucker for puppies and and EVEN BIGGER sucker for pugs… I was in heaven. The cutest pug puppy, Penny Lane, was there with us to enjoy the lake as well. I bet I spent the whole time either chasing her around or in her face trying to make her love me.

When I wasn’t chasing Penny Lane I was chasing the most adorable dog, Annie Potts, around. She looked like a caterpillar. I could have died and gone to heaven.

The lake got a little chilly (I love that 75 is chilly during a Georgia summer in August) and we decided to light a fire. It was the first fire of the year and the smell made me yearn for more. Next thing you know John is going to come home one afternoon to me in the backyard in 90 degree weather sitting around a fire.

What a place to have a bonfire it was. Can you say gorgeous?

We packed up early(ish) the next day and headed back to Atlanta. I had to start school bright and 5:15-wake-up-time early in the morning. But not before stopping by one of my favorite places on earth… Goats on the Roof.

Now, everyone in Georgia is not a redneck… but everyone in Georgia like Goats on the Roof. How can you not?!? There are GOATS ON THE ROOF!

You can feed ’em and pet the baby ones. Talk about a fun filled afternoon. You can also go into the creamery and get a little ol’ scoop of ice cream. Which is what John and I did.

I was insistent that it was time to head back to our house after Goats on the Roof. We had had our fun at my most favorite spot in North Georgia, but it was time to return to reality… until we saw the turn off for Tallulah Gorge. I wasn’t missing that.

The Flying Wallendas crossed over the gorge in 1970 on a tight rope with no net. Call me crazy… but that sounds crazy.

But even 42 years later, people are still coming by to see the gorge that The Flying Wallendas crossed. Some fools even want to get their picture made at the insert-your-head thing.

I love that North Georgia still retains its country-ness. These kinds of outings remind me of going up to North Carolina with my dad when I was little. Nothing like the sight of Ne-Hi’s to make a all nostalgic.

Here is the gorge. It really was gorge-eous (hehe).

What a great weekend it was. I have been dreaming about another weekend since this past one. Amanda… if you are reading this… I would be happy to go back anytime :)

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