The End of Summer (Waaaahh!) Recap


August 3, 2012 by blackbirdideas

I am off to Savannah to enjoy the last weekend of summer… and trying not to cry the whole time. So, I thought that I would do a recap of the summer and relive the glory days before heading back into the world of working.


My Brother Left For Kuwait. Miss you Brady!

We took off on our sailing trip in the British Virgin Islands.


John finally caught his tarpon.

We finally went to The Baths (my favorite part of the BVI’s).

We ate monster lobsters in Anegada.

We met Foxy on Jost Van Dyke.

We hit up a Full Moon Party and the sailing trip came to an end.

My nephew turned one!

I made da bomb Shrimp and Grits.


I finally made a birthday cake and John’s sister turned 29.

I made Salsa Verde with Flank Steak. 

I made one of my favorite dinners, Spicy Salmon Rolls.

John took me on a boat ride in Charleston AND I got to spend a weekend with the cutest baby ever. I am not sure which part was better… oh yeah, the baby part.

Oh yeah, and that time that Barry Manilow blew us off.

That seems like a lot and not a whole lot at the same time. I know that it is impossible to share everything that happens, but I do like to share a lot of stuff because it helps me keep track and also helps me stay in touch with my family. So I apologize if the ho-hum daily stuff gets boring. I will allow you to scroll past it.

Trust me, there is a lot of stuff that I didn’t get to include like…. that time I painted the front of the house (and it isn’t exactly the right color… whoops), that time that rats bunnies ate almost all the veggies in our garden, many trips to Savannah and many trips to Charleston, visiting my sisters in Myrtle and teaching Erin how to paint, the step-by-step progress/panic of rebuilding my classroom (and there is still oh so so so much to do), that time I took 1,500 pictures of my nephew in one summer, and how to fringe t-shirts. See? Look at all that you didn’t have to read about?! So in a way… I saved you. You are welcome.

Hope you had (are having) a great summer.

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One thought on “The End of Summer (Waaaahh!) Recap

  1. Kim Fisher says:

    Loved it Natalie! Your blogs are so much fun to read!

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Blackbird Ideas is a blog about food, family, and fun. I love spending time in my Atlanta, GA kitchen, but love to break free and have fun out of the kitchen as well! Visit the pages up top for my recipes and my "Teachers Pay Teachers" store. Welcome and please enjoy!

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