Packing for a Picnic


July 30, 2012 by blackbirdideas

Our friends Andrew and Thao invited us to go to see Barry Manilow at Chastain last night. While (surprise) John and I aren’t big Barry fans, we were excited about the idea of packing a picnic for us to enjoy while listening. Its the small things right?

I hit the grocery store with “dinner al fresco” on the brain. I picked up some delicious Havarti with dill and a peach salsa, cantaloupe and prosciutto, the fixin’s for a killer pasta salad, and prosecco (of course).

When it comes to packing a picnic, I often feel at a loss for what to make. You want to make something easy, but not so easy that it seems just randomly thrown together. Enter Grilled Chicken & Dill Pasta Salad. 

I started by sprinkling salt, pepper, and thyme on some boneless chicken tenders. Then, they hit the grill until cooked through.

For the pasta part, I chose campanelle pasta, but you could use anything you choose. I boiled those noodles according to the package and then returned them to the pot, off the heat.

To a separate smaller bowl I added in mayo…

…sour cream…

…and milk.

To those ingredients I added the herbs and spices. I have a soft spot for dill. Whenever I come across a recipe with dill, I immediately want to make it. Maybe its because of my love for dill pickles.

I chopped up the chives, dill, and garlic… grated in some lemon zest and squirted in some lemon juice… sprinkled in some salt, pepper, and crushed red pepper to the mayo mixture. I mixed until it was well … well, mixed.

I cooked the frozen peas according to the package and then add them to the pot with the campanelle.

I chopped up the chicken and added it to the pot as well.

Then, topped it all off with the dill/mayo mixture.

I stirred it all together to get this delicious, picnic-ready pasta.

I love peas. They are a great little addition to this pasta.

I refrigerated the pasta until it was time to pack for the picnic.

When it was time for some Barry Manilow, we packed up the pasta, the melon…

… the cheese and of course, the wine. And we were ready to go have our picnic and listen to some good (old) music.

Now, this is where the pictures of us all at the concert should be. That’s right should be. And no, I didn’t forget my camera.

Andrew and Thao had their cooler packed and we met up to ride together to Chastain. We pulled up, excited and geared up for an interesting night when we saw the signs that read “Barry Manilow Concert Tonight Cancelled.”

What. The. Crap.

What. A. Letdown.

So, what would any logical people do? Go home and eat their picnic anyway. Not us. We went to…

Yep. Kobe Steak.

We are all still a little mad at Barry Manilow. But the good news is the I am having a picnic tonight… at home… by myself.

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4 thoughts on “Packing for a Picnic

  1. Laura Williams says:

    This looks amazing! Wishing Atlanta and Charleston were a bit closer…

  2. Laura Williams says:

    oh yeah and “Walrus, Walrus, Walrus…Ha!

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