Cooper Island and Tarpon Dead Ahead!

I feel like every post about sailing needs an exclamation point at the end. You really do shout a lot on a sailboat. You do.

Well, after Norman Island we headed off for Cooper Island. We didn’t always sail directly to our final destination. Some days we had 2 or 3 smaller islands stop overs on the way for snorkeling or just to check out in general.

On our way to Cooper Island we stopped at Peter Island. This place was awesome. It was the first real view of luxury that we saw on the trip. There was a great resort there called Peter Island Resort where I could have pulled up a beach chair and been happy for the rest of the trip. We spent some time just soaking in the water and then went on a little mountainous walk to stretch out our boat stiff legs.

The beach was a beautiful, raked, white sand beach and the water was crystal clear. Meredith and I laid on the edge right where the water meets the sand and tried to soak up the moment.

We decided to check out the island and there were beautiful sights to behold. Ah…. island life.

Why can’t I live in a place this beautiful? I wonder if the people who live on these islands ever get used to seeing sights like this on a daily basis…

The little harbor was not packed when we were there. There were just a few boats and very few people.

The water was so clear and warm that we decided to swim back along the beach and rocks instead of walk back. I love when swimming is a reasonable mean of transportation.

We also went to Salt Island and The Rhones where John got a chance to dive.

Then, we headed over to Cooper Island. This was one of my favorite stops on the whole vacation. Cooper Island is a full service beach club with a gorgeous beach, a nice little harbor, and a restaurant. Again, this is a place that I could see myself sleeping in a lounge chair on.

THEY HAD TABLES IN THE WATER FOR YOUR COCKTAILS?!?!! I mean… if this isn’t luxury then I don’t know what is!

Can you imagine a better way to spend the afternoon? I can not. Nope, not even a little bit.

Cooper Island’s harbor was much more crowded than Peter Island, but it was nice to have the company of other boaters among us. We ended up meeting a bunch of people and hanging out with them through the evening.

But until evening, we just hung out on the best beach ever.

When it was time to go back to the boat and get showered, we were all excited for a little dinner inshore (and this restaurant looked like it rocked), when we heard John screaming from the dinghy. We heard “Oh my god! Oh my god! Guys!”  And this is what we saw:

Yes, that’s John in the dinghy with a fishing pole. It has been his life dream to catch a tarpon since our faithful trip 6 years ago to Mexico. And well…. he dream came true. He finally caught his tarpon… in a dinghy…. with a dinghy of a fishing pole. Hey, miracles happen.

Well, riding the high of the tarpon catching, everyone was in a great mood. We headed into the Cooper Island restaurant for dinner and we were not disappointed. The pictures are crap, but they remind me of maybe the best meal that I have ever had. I order Coconut Curry Mahi. O…. M…..G…..

Then for dessert, I had chocolate ice cream…. and a tequila shot. Tequila shots are always brought on by a dare of some sorts, so let me tell you that this was not by choice nor do I eat ice cream and drink tequila often…ever. But when in the islands…

Down the hatch!

Yum… chocolate ice cream and tequila. I think I just discovered a new combination. Not.

Overall, it was an excellent meal with great friends. Our tans were starting to come in and we were feeling great!

Oh, Cooper Island! How I miss you! I would give anything to be on your beach (or in your gift shop) warm from the sun and water… but, no. I am at my desk, in Atlanta, typing. Sigh….

*Thank you for bearing with me as I post my vacation pictures. Yes, it will be over…someday.

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