End of the Year Shot

Oh my gosh! I have been on a monster vacation for the past 10 days and my pre-planned posts didn’t post! Whoops. So no… I didn’t die. But, I was in heaven on my vacation (details coming tomorrow). But, here is a post that you were supposed to read last week, so forgive me. 

Well…. SCHOOL’S OUT FOR SUMMER! School, though, is not out forever. The ten weeks that I get off in the summer fly by faster than you would imagine. I go through the stages of disbelief, acceptance, and then panic and before I know it I am back at my desk writing lesson plans.

Each year I take the same photo of my feet up on my desk. I have lost the first year somewhere in my computer, but it is there… and one day I will find it.

I did this post last year and I love updating posts like this one.

Year #2:

 Year #3:

Year #4:

Year #5:

Yep, there I am relaxing while my para-professional works her tail off. I got up to help her when I was finished I swear.

I love looking at all the subtle changes over the years and this is a tradition that I hope to keep alive.

To all the teachers out there… yes, it is summer. No, I can’t believe it either. Get your butt out there and have some fun!


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