Dog Days of Spring

I definitely did a Dog Days of Fall post a few months back and I just loved taking pictures of my dogs playing in the yard. So this is kind of the same thing. Just me, the dogs, John, and the yard… oh, and a garden update.

I love taking pictures of my dogs running around. I can never seem to get the pictures not to be blurry though. I got a new camera for my birthday last year and I wish I could say that I am rocking all those amazing functions, but sadly I am not :(. I am sticking to the old tried and true methods that I figured out about a year ago and rarely venturing away from them. So I set the camera to the action function. HOLD THE PHONE! Yes, I turned the dial. It was cause for celebration. It was cause for… pictures of action. And some that aren’t.

This is what is always happening to me. Chum will not be still. Not ever. Never. So I am getting major blur.

Stellar never moves. Perfect example of a photogenic dog. All you have to do is hold a stick and he is yours forever.  I was clearly holding a stick.

But as soon as I throw the stick, he turns into a blur. Enter my brilliant idea to turn my camera dial to “action.

No blur. Interesting. I even was able to capture his tongue in action as he attempted to devour the stick. Isn’t he a cutie?

There’s that tongue again.

And then Chum’s tongue.

I’m sure I have said this before but it is a wonder how they don’t get tired of each other. Sure they fight and all, but at the end of the day it’s all fun and games.

Stellar is always the winner. Even if Chum gets the stick, he is still the winner because that means he gave it to her.

Like I said, Chum is never still. I probably haven’t own a blur-free picture of her until this day… unless she was sleeping which in many cases still contains various movements.

Even while she whipped her hair back and forth head back and forth I was still able to get a clear shot of my pretty girl.

I said she was pretty. I didn’t say she was smart.

Yes, she was walking through the bushes. Not around them. Not even over them. Through them.

I love my dogs. I also love the fact that I managed to click the dial on my camera to “action.”

While I was in the yard I also took some shots of my garden. In the summer months I love walking out there and grabbing some jalapenos or some tomatoes or even some basil. Since summer seemed to come a little earlier this year, we already have some plants popping some fruit.

My basil is growing bigger by the day. This is my favorite part of the garden. Fresh basil that doesn’t go bad in my fridge? Yes please.

There are already some tomatoes growing. We had to put the cages up much earlier than we have ever had to before.

Our strawberry plants (that we planted in the fall) have gone wild. They have spread over almost a third of our garden. If we were getting strawberries from them I wouldn’t be complaining, but there is a (cuuuuute) little chipmunk who seems to be taking them all for himself.

After John’s accidental spraying of Roundup on my favorite Hydrangeas last year, they are back and starting to grow their blooms. Gawd, I love Hydrangeas.

We have a number of peppers this year so I can’t say for sure which one this is, but they are crazy long y’all!

Is anyone else’s garden in bloom? It must have been the early heat.

That’s what Spring’s looking like around these parts. Aren’t your freaking loving it?!

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