Pancake Fail!

I am not a huge breakfast person. I am a cup of coffee and a banana person. But if I ever do want to go all out on breakfast, I typically do breakfast for dinner then. I am still obsessed with those dang French Toast Pancakes, but I thought that I would mix it up and do some awesome healthy pancakes for dinner the other night. After searching online for a while I found some awesome whole wheat pancakes. I was in. I was in the mood. I wanted pancakes.

I had been dreaming about pancakes all day and I couldn’t wait to have a nice stack along with some turkey bacon… and maybe some eggs. I mixed my batter up and added some cinnamon for a little something special.

I got everything ready to go into my pancakes: blueberries from Myrtle Beach this past summer, some berries, some slightly mushed bananas, and of course… some chocolate.

Immediately things didn’t seem exactly right. Now, I do not make pancakes often to be alarmed, but the batter did seem a little thin. But, I kept on going thinking of course they would come out.

Even as I got started on the chocolate chip pancakes, the edges started to buckle and flower out strangely. No worries. “Stay positive” I thought.

As I flipped over the blueberry pancake, I knew that all was not right in my kitchen that evening. I have never had a pancake look like this before. Ummm…

Ok ok ok I thought… Let me try that again. I tried a plain ol’ regular one. Maybe it was the blueberries?!

Unfortunately still… no. Nope. Nuh uh.

These are what I was left with:

I don’t know about you but those are NOT the kind of pancakes that I grew up eating and falling in love with. Those are… weird. And lumpy… and unappetizing.

I was mad! I was over it! I had wanted pancakes and now, not only was it almost 8 o’clock at night, but I was hungry with no dinner! Hastily, I cranked the oven to 350 degrees, grabbed my skillet, chucked the remaining batter (with chocolate chips) into it, and threw it into the oven.

With the enormous pancake in the oven doomed to fail, I set about cleaning my kitchen. I had made quite the mess and I was glad that I had decided to get rid of the dough by baking it and probably just chucking it into the trashcan.

There was thin batter all over the kitchen. Uh. I hate that. I spent the next 15 or so minutes scraping the hardened droplets from around the kitchen… did I mention angrily?

Once my kitchen was finally tidy again, the oven dinged that let the know that the bane-of-my-existence was probably ready to be taken from the oven and thrown away.

I pulled it out and… it didn’t look so bad.

It wasn’t strangely lumpy… or burned. So I gave it a try.

And it tasted just like the pancakes that I had anticipated having that evening. Completely fed up (and wishing for more chocolate chips) I bagged the remaining slices and tossed them into the freezer.

Then, I ate a salad for dinner. Definite pancake fail.

{Pancakes are (thankfully) a cheap dinner to mess up, but have you ever royally screwed up an expensive dish? Did I ever mentioned that time I cooked a ton of thick-cut porkchops and they tasted like grass?}

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