Date at Murphey Candler

Its not often that I have a Saturday morning to myself. Bf got up early early early on Saturday morning for the opening day of turkey hunting and I had the morning to myself. My schedule was wide open as I had checked off all the items on my to-do list by Friday afternoon (mani-pedi? Check!) and I was left with a morning with nothing to do. I love mornings like that.

On of my favorite things to do on an empty weekend morning is take my dogs on a date to Murphey Candler park. Murphey Candler is close by, has a lake, and is a great place to walk for exercise. Its also one of the dogs’ favorite places to go.

So much of a favorite in fact, that they turn into impossible beasts as soon as we pull in the parking lot. Everytime. Without fail.

As we rounded the corner to the park, Chum began to shake violently with excitement. As I parked the car, she began to cry. As I exited the car while saying “calm….calm…calm…” she shook, cried, and howled. The moment the leash clicked around her neck she bolted from the car and ran to the nearest tree. I was left being yanked behind her trying to gain traction just so I could get back to close the door. Of course Stellar wanted to go the opposite direction leaving me to look even more like a fool.

When I could finally get back to close the door we almost trampled a man which left me apologizing profusely. I just wanted to make it to the bridge when I could let the dogs go. The bridge is about 200 feet from where we parked. It seemed like miles. Leashes twisted around my legs, Chum broke free and leapt into the lake after some ducks, on-lookers gawked, I blushed. I just wanted to get to the bridge. Finally, I had reigned the dogs back in…. and we made it to the bridge. Hallelujah.

I could finally let them free and enjoy the beautiful morning.

Then I rounded the corner and saw this:

My peaceful moment was over as the marathon stick throwing began. Undoubtedly I get unimaginably soaked and muddy, even though I try my best not to.

I really think that Stellar could do this all day. It was over and over and over and over and over… you get the point.

Chum on the other hand doesn’t quite get the point of the stick throwing. She will participate for a while, run off, make friends, come back, chase the geese… and rarely actually goes after the sticks.

But, Stellar is all about the sticks.

I can’t even tell you how many of these pictures I have. Probably thousands of him swimming with sticks, diving after sticks, chewing sticks, and so on.

My arm was starting to cramp so the dogs and I took to the path for a little exercise. Its just about a mile or so around, but it is a perfect way to end our major stick throwing and gives the dogs a chance to dry off a little before getting back in the car. I love it because it is peaceful, and beautiful, and … outdoorsy.

The dogs love it because they can run free (I am not sure if they areĀ technically supposed to be off the leash, but my arms couldn’t take all that pulling) and make friends along the way.

They get to run to their hearts content and love it. They always look so happy and young.

I love it because it makes me feel happy… and young.

I don’t know why I don’t do this more often, especially now that its Spring. What a great way it was to start the weekend… I wish it was still the weekend.

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