Super Bowl Snackies

Today is the Super Bowl!!! It is today right?

I have to admit that Bf and I are probably the only people on earth that could miss the Super Bowl and not even know it. Trust me, it has happened. I have always thought it the boyfriend’s job to interest the girlfriend in things like football, baseball, and basketball and the girlfriend’s job to pretend to care. Not in my case. My Bf spends his energies on things like fishing, hunting, and gun collecting. So I pretend to care about those things instead.

Even though I don’t really care for football and I pretty much have no idea what is happening, I am not one to pass by an event that includes beer drinking and wing eating. Bf and I are headed up to Roswell to hang with our pals Andrew and Thao for the big event and I woke up early today to scour the internet for what to make for cocktails and appetizers.

You won’t find any Miller Lite and hot wings here, but these are some great ideas for your Super Bowl party (if you are lazy like me and wait until the morning of the Super Bowl to think about things like this).

ANTIPASTI KABOBS. This has my name all over it.

HOT SPINACH AND ARTICHOKE DIP. I have made this before and it is a huge hit! Who doesn’t love Spinach and Artichoke dip?!

SUPER BOWL DIP.  The name says it all! With ingredients like spinach, peppers, cheese, and sausage who wouldn’t  like this!

BUFFALO CHICKEN DIP.  Tastes like wings without the hassle of getting completely filthy and getting wing sauce under your nails. You know what I am talking about.

PIZZA PRETZEL BITES. OMG I have been dying to make these and this seems like the perfect excuse.

BACON WRAPPED JALAPENO POPPERS. These are the reason I started this list in the first place. These are by far my favorite appetizer.

HOMEMADE SOFT PRETZEL BITES. Is there any thing better than a soft, salted pretzel? Well, mini  soft, salted pretzels.

CHICK FIL A COPYCAT SANDWICHES. Yep, its Sunday which means that Chick Fil A isn’t open… what a shame. But with this recipe you can have them even on a Sunday… Super Bowl Sunday.

CHOCOLATE CHIP SALTED CARAMEL COOKIE BARS. With the description of ingredients how could you possibly go wrong?

OREO CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES. These babies have been sitting on my Pinterest “Food” board for like a year. All I needed was an excuse to make them. The Super Bowl sounds like the perfect excuse.

CHILI LIME MARGARITAS. Spicy, cool, limey, margartia-y. I’m in.

CLAMATO BLOODY MARY.  Salty, clammy (?), and bloody Mary? Yes, please.

ITALIAN GREYHOUND WITH ROSEMARY SUGAR. I am thinking of replacing the Rosemary with Basil. This drink is da bomb!

I could do this all day! There are billions of options for the Super Bowl and while wings and beer are delicious, sometimes its nice to give your party a little twist! ‘

Happy Super Bowl Day to all those football fans out there and Happy Eat Day to all those non-football fans out there!

Have a safe and happy Sunday.

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