At the Weddings


September 26, 2011 by blackbirdideas

That’s right, Weddings. Like I said yesterday in my backward reverse at-the-end-of-the-night post, we had quite a blast at the Clarke Wedding celebration. But, since the bride is Vietnamese (and the groom is British), there were 2 ceremonies. There was a traditional Vietnamese ceremony on Saturday morning, followed by a traditional American ceremony. I have been to plenty of weddings, but never a Vietnamese one. Needless to say, I was pretty excited.

For the weeks leading up to the wedding, Thao’s mother worked tirelessly decorating her home for the hundred or so guests that would be in attendance. The house looked beautiful and was the perfect backdrop for the ceremony.

Thao’s mother and father really out did themselves. Seriously, the place was gorgeous and clean clean clean clean. I can’t even begin to imagine the work that goes into having a wedding at your home.

The best part of the Vietnamese ceremony by far were the traditions. There was a handing off of trays and presentation of the gifts. It was interesting to learn the traditions and it was a memory that I will never forget. The wedding was so touching as both sets of parents were involved in the ceremony.

And, well… the best part? The outfits.

Everyone looked great, but the bride looked beyond gorgeous in hers. The red was so vibrant and I loved each piece of her traditional garment. I found a bunch of info on the traditional Vietnamese wedding here.

The traditional Vietnamese wedding ceremony is one of the most important traditions in Vietnamese culture. The outfit that we wore was called the  Áo dài. The head dress was called a  Khăn đống.


The men wear a similar garment that typically comes in blue.

After the ceremony, we snapped some pictures in the backyard. Saturday had a fabulous afternoon. The temps were mild and the sun was out. Thao and Andrew could not have picked a better day to get married.

We all had a lot of fun in our traditional garb.

The Clarke family is now complete. Charlotte (far right) is Andrew’s sister. She and Josh (far left) got married just a few weeks ago. It has been a busy late summer for the Clarkes. They managed to pull off two beautiful weddings in just about a month.

After the Vietnamese ceremony, we all took a little siesta and found ourselves up in Roswell, Georgia a few hours later ready to get down.

The Bridal brigade:

The Best Man/Maid of Honor and Bride and Groom:

John and I served as Best Man and Maid of Honor for the wedding. We could not have been more thrilled to be such an important part of our best friends’ weddin’.

My parents were there as well to take part in the fun.

Maaaaybe Mom and I had a little two much fun. We decorated/hijacked the get-away ride for some late night photos.

A couple of Thao’s friends set up an amazing backdrop for photos with TONS of props. We had a major Bf’s family + my family moment here.

Nothing like having your mama there. I was thrilled that Thao invited her and she was so sweet to think that having my mom and dad there would make me feel supported and happy. Thanks Thao.

Mom’s the queen and I am the princess:

Seriously, this backdrop rocked. The gold fringe fit right in with Thao’s fun, celebratory, wild ways. This backdrop blew mine from the Bridal Shower out of the water!

Photo Source

Such great memories were made this night. This was a night that I (and Thao and Andrew, duh) had been waiting for for a long time.

Again, congrats to my great great friends who are lucky enough to have found one another (12 years ago) and commit to spending their lives together. I love you!























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9 thoughts on “At the Weddings

  1. Theresa Brown says:

    Your Dad suggested I check out your blog and it is great…so funny and fun to see pictures of your family. Your Dad is quite proud of you…and he should be!

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