Dang… it seemed that everyone really liked the post on Thao’s Bridal Shower DIY Backdrop!

I am so glad that it all came together at the last minute and I thought of that door in my creepy shed. Phew…

I never shared any of the other photos of the party though. I thought that I would since I made such a big stink about it for weeks and then once it was over POOF, I didn’t say much else about it. I wasn’t the only one throwing the party. There was my lovely co-host, Kate (a.k.a. Bf’s sister).


And the party seriously wouldn’t have been 1/2 as fun without Bf’s mama, Kat and Susan. Thank you thank you thank you. Seriously, who throws a party without ice (and flowers and petit fours and mixers….)? Me apparently.

Thao received a ton of great gift that left many people crying/sobbing. After the opening of the gifts I have definitely been dying for some Jonathan Adler napkins to wipe my tears away with.



The gift that got everyone going, and reaching for the Jonathan Adler napkins, was the thoughtful gift that Thao’s mother gave to her. She gave her a mini framed version of her dress. I just got a lump in my throat.

In case you are wondering, no. No, that is not her actual dress. Safety first… should Andrew see this… I would be killed. Not that he knows what my blog is… or a blog for that matter. Just kidding Mildrew.

There was a ton of food that was feasted on all night.

The spread included a little bit for everyone which was fine by me. I love a little smattering of everything.

And really… what’s a party without petit fours?


And chocolate pnut butter cupcakes.

And the infamous Chalkboard door backdrop.

Oh, And…. Lip ‘n Sip straws that I DIYed after seeing them on Pinterest. I think that the best part was just watching people sip out of them . I kept getting a little kick out of seeing something having a serious conversation while sipping from a straw with huge lips on it. Hehe.


Guests were able to take home the Lip ‘N Sip straws in addition to the Infused Vodka. I tried out the straws myself the night before. Gotta make sure they work right?

The evening was wonderful and was such a fun Bridal shower with such fun people. Now that I have gotten to take in a breath of air, I just wanted to share.

No party would be complete without a champagne toast.

To the Bride and… well, Bride. It was her party afterall.

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