DIY Photo Backdrop

We had Thao’s Bridal Shower last weekend! Uh. It was so much fun.

All the planning was worth it because it was one of my absolute favorite parties that I have ever been to.

Thao didn’t ask for much for her shower. She was easy to please. She wanted:

a. Chicken wings… I failed and didn’t get them

b. to not open gifts in front of people… I failed and made her. Then she cried.

c. to have a backdrop photobooth with a chalkboard of some sort… now that, I can do.

But how? A few days before her party, I called to tell her that I was sorry, but I couldn’t feasibly pull of a temporary chalkboard wall. A sheet of plywood would be too heavy and Bf was out of town, so he couldn’t help carry it. I was at a loss.

Then, I remember that I have a new door in the scary shed in my backyard. I took that sucker out, painted it with chalkboard paint and a party photobooth backdrop was almost complete.

I threw in some wedding bells, pink balloons, and a red plastic table cloth and we were set.

Thao was thrilled. Thank gawd.

Here are some of the pictures from that evening… also known as one-of-the-most-fun-showers-I-have-ever-been-to.

*the pictures are just thumbnails, but if you click on them they will enlarge.

The countdown to the wedding is coming in to a close… there is not too much time left, so what I better way than getting a bunch of ladies together to celebrate a friend, sister, pal, daughter.

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