Bridal Shower Inspiration

I am the Maid of Honor in my pal, Thao’s, upcoming wedding. We have made it through many milestones (remember the Key West bachelorette?) that accompany a wedding and next up is the Bridal Shower. Out of everything that we had done so far (selecting dresses, partying in Key West, visiting venues, etc…) this is what I have been looking forward to the most.

While planning a party can be stressful, I love the result. I love the feeling of being in the middle of a party that you set up and watching people enjoy themselves. Well, at least I would hope that they are enjoying themselves. If they didn’t/don’t then… fail.

The theme of Thao’s wedding is Romance and she has beautiful rich colors of gold and emerald worked into her wedding day. I love the drama that those colors bring and I thought that I would make the Bridal Shower fit that similar theme. But then, I figured that we are already having one party with bold colors, so why not make it fun and girlie?

This is the invitation that I am also using as the inspiration for the party.

I love the pink and red and black and the roses and the lace so I did some searching online to find some more inspiration for the party. I also hit up Pinterest and made a new board called Party to serve as a way to categorize my ideas.


For the decor I am definitely going to do paper lanterns in red, pink, black and maybe white.

And what says Romance more than twinkle lights?


That’s what.

I love the idea of using balloons with the paper lanterns.


This picture is kind of uber girlie and I don’t think that I would go this far, but I love the damask.


Thao  is Vietnamese and loves Vietnamese food (duh Natalie), so that would be fun to incorporate, but I am no whiz when it comes to Vietnamese cooking. I’m going to need to do some kind of sweet and cupcakes are the perfect thing to make. But these fortune cookies are also so cute that I want to die.


While there will be cupcakes, maybe I should throw some fruit in there too.

The Kerr mason jars with red flowers in them are my numero uno on the list of what I am going to do at the Bridal Shower. Love love love love love love.


I have been searching for favors for weeks and nothing quite fit. I finally came up with a great idea (now if I can only see it through) and its kind of like this. But, I want to keep it a surprise. 

Since my obsession with my chalkboard wall, I’m planning a chalkboard backdrop for photos at the bride’s request.

I think that’s soooo cute.

Um, you will definitely be seeing some lips cut outs… I am still working out the details of this, but I think that they fit in with the theme p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y.

Photobooths are so much fun (and are apparently ALL THE RAGE right now).

Of course its fun to plan… and oh so easy to do it on the computer… and I am very curious to see how this all pans out. I have never thrown a party that wasn’t at my own home, so this will be a challenge. I just hope that the Bridal Shower reflects the bride: fun, party, romance, food, drink.

Results to come and you can keep up with what I am digging on Pinterest.

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