A Holy City Happy Birthday

I am headed out this weekend to my beloved 2nd home… Charleston, SC. Being a South Carolina native, Charleston was the refuge from the landlocked streets of Spartanburg (my hometown) and a welcome relief each summer when my family would make the 3 hour drive to the coast.

As it came time to choose a college, there was no doubt in my mind where I would be. It was College of Charleston all the way. I spent a glorious 5 years there before uprooting to Atlanta and I miss different aspects of Charleston every day.

So I couldn’t be more excited to head there for my pal Jordan’s 30th Birthday! I think that this will be the… 3rd? 4th? time I have been to Charleston this summer. On one of my visits, I had myself a moment with the famous bridge that connects Charleston to Mt. Pleasant.

For many years, this was the bridge that I used to speed across in my red ’98 Beetle after babysitting in Mt. P or hitting up the beach at Isle of Palms or Sullivan’s Island.

While the bridge was nothing to write home about, the view was. It is a spectacular view of the Cooper River with views of downtown Charleston on one side and family friendly Mt. Pleasant on the other.

In 2005, while I was working at schools in Upper Downtown, they tore down the old bridge and built a new one. Now the bridge’s beauty matches the beauty of the famous view of the Cooper River.

(if you scroll fast, its like you are driving across it yourself!)

Like I said, I am there to celebrate my friend, Jordan’s, birthday. I can’t believe he’s 30 (old man). We have been friends for about 7 years and I have always held a special place in my heart for him. He’s different than a friend, different than a brother, he’s just Jordan.

Bf and I fight for his love as we both share him as a best friend. They were roommates in college and when Bf moved away from Charleston, Jordan was there to be my buddy and accomplice in many a fun time.

Jordan bought Stellar for me Spring Break of 2005 and I will forever be grateful for that.

Isn’t he handsome? Ladies, he’s single! Happy birthday to the Stellar-buying, super-generous, caring, crazy, head shaving, goatee growing, dollar-going, cab-calling, late-sleeping, night owl, polo shirt wearing bud that is a great friend to not only me and Bf, but thousands of others who have known him along the way.

Happy Birthday Jordan!

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