Las Ventanas Del Mar

I went to Costa Rica. Gasp. I will let it sink in…..

I have been blabbing about it for months and months so I am sure that you already knew that. Or maybe you figured it out by these last 5 or 6 posts (seen here, here, here , here, here, here and here).

In a word Costa Rica was amazing. It was more than amazing, but I said I’d describe it in just one word. We stayed at an amazing place called Las Ventanas Del Mar with our friends Mandy and Miller. From the moment we arrived, it was almost like paradise.

Las Ventanas is seated atop a mountain which gives astonishing views of Carrillo Beach and Samara Beach below. I loved looking out and seeing the sailboats come and go. There were moorings close by making Las Ventanas an ideal place for a fisherman or anyone looking to fish while in Costa Rica. Bf had his best day of fishing ever while in Costa Rica.

Our friends, Miller and Mandy, invited Bf and me to tag come along with them to Las Ventanas. They have been coming for years and raved about it. Now I see why.

The view from the den was beautiful. I loved looking out and seeing it everyday and sitting on the porch, unable to believe my eyes.

This is the porch where I sat and drank wine, read, talked to friends, and stared…. just stared….

The grounds work at Las Ventanas is impeccable! They have beautiful exotic plants covering the property and everything was very well maintained. Things looked lush and green throughout, just like I had imagined.

The four of us stayed on an end unit with 2 master suites. I loved that there was no fighting over the “big room” and that we all had private patios and large bathrooms. Seriously that bathroom makes me want to remodel.

The master suites were located on the second floor and there was a den and kitchen below. I get tears in my eyes just looking at this kitchen and missing it. This is where we made coffee (sniff) and where we ate Pringles (sniff) and where we played with the dogs (waaaaaah!).

I could get used to a den with a huge open door, wind sweeping through, and views of the sea. Oh yea, I could get used to that.

But my favorite part was… the pool. Oh my gawd, the pictures don’t even do it justice! I swam to the edge of the infinity pool and looked down on to the beaches every chance I got. If only I could do it now…

The sunsets were another beautiful aspect of Las Ventanas. High up on the mountain, you get a view that others, down below, just don’t.

We tried to make it to the pool for sunset every night, but that didn’t always happen. My goal was to take pictures every night, but I also got to chatting… or drinking wine… usually both.

I would give anything to be there right now watching that.

Reality Check: In Atlanta watching Top Chef and painting my nails. Definitely not Costa.

Don’t we just look like happier better people in Costa Rica? We must move immediately.

One night out at a club (They played American booty shakin’ music. It was funny.), I got so passionate about moving to Costa Rica that I plotted on selling my car, selling everything I own, selling Oinky for cash, and begging my dad for some colónes. The next morning, I had calmed down a notch, but was still made fun of for my passionate rampage.

Miller’s good buddy, Matt Carter, lives and works at Las Ventanas. He and his wife, Mary Emily, do a great job making sure that things are running smoothly. They have a son, Landon, who is three who has grown up living there. I am so damn jealous of that three year old that it hurts. He gets to live there! They all do!

What’s a tropical vacation without some underwater pictures? I remember when underwater disposable cameras came out. Man, those were some fun times. These are better.

Besides the pool being a integral part to my vacation… I also made a pal.

Landon was my buddy during my stay. We played tennis, played Angry Birds and Tiny Wings on his iTouch, swam in the pool, and counted as high as we could in Español. That kid can rock some Spanish. I am jealous of that too. Right as I was leaving, he kissed me on the cheek and asked for my email. I tried not to cry.

We had some amazing meals while Matt and Mary Emily graciously acted as our tour guides. They took us to a great restaurant in Samara called Gusto’s.

Not only were they helpful with restaurant choices, but they also helped us book massages and answer any questions that we had (such as “What does ‘puta’ mean?”). Bf and I couldn’t have imagined a better trip and we are so thankful to Matt and Mary Emily and Landon and Mandy and Miller. It was definitely a trip that we will never forget.

Las Ventanas is a private community located in Carrillo, Guancaste, Costa Rica. Las Ventanas really is the ‘window to the sea’ with amazing views and amenities. Las Ventanas offers units for sale and for vacation rentals. If you are interested in taking an unforgettable trip, check out their website or give Matt a call. It is a great way to see Costa Rica.

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