The Best Sauce Ever

I had this recipe for a burger on my phone for years. I would look at it bookmarked on my Blackberry every time I went online. It was a mental note to make that dang burger. And I made it. Last week.

I was the hungriest I could remember being in a very long time. I was hand-shaking, underarm sweating, pale-looking hungry. I rarely ever get that hungry. I couldn’t even steady my hands enough to take decent pictures.

Here is what (little) I have of that Blue Cheese Burger on Ciabatta:

Then, here is the best part….

Yes, that is Sriracha + mayo and it = wow. For real.

That’s all I got from my Blue Cheese Burger with Sriracha Mayo night.

From the first drooling bite, I knew that I was on to something here. You know I love my Tabasco Mayo, but this shiz is on a whole new level.

Like I said, this was a week ago and I have been thinking about it ever since. Thank goodness I am not going to the grocery store this week. Who knows what I would have bought. I decided to test out this Sriracha Mayo and see if it was a fluke or if it was as good as I remembered.

So I made a leftover Turkey Burger + Sriracha Mayo.

Ingredients include (you may want to get a pen): Mayo. This is my favorite kind. I don’t even like mayonnaise. But, there are some cases where it just must be used. If I’m using it, I am using this one.

and Sriracha.

Yep, that’s it. Just those two.

Directions (keep that pen handy):

Squeeze 2 parts mayo into a ramekin.

Squeeze 1 part Sriracha into said ramekin.

And mix these two together.

TA DA! It’s that easy. Now, I added mine to a Blue Cheese Turkey burger. What is it about hot and spicy + cool and creamy? Whatever it is… it works.

I spread it, thickly, on my top bun.

Mmmm… look at that color! I bet it would be good on the top and bottom bun. Hmmm… food for thought.

Then I smooshed that burger together. It looks simple enough, but that sucka is jam-packed full of spicy flavor.

Seriously. You have to try this. Talk about jazzing things up! I would suggest serving it with something with blue cheese as well, but I swear it could go with anything. I was dipping my fries in it also. So if you have some Sriracha lying around…. and some mayonnaise… mix ‘em together. You just gotta.

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