Oinky and the Yard

We have had our mini pot-belly pig, Oinky, since Thanksgiving. Oh man, I just said “our.” Like he belongs to us. No. I still won’t claim him. We have been watching A pig named Oinky since Thanksgiving. That sounded much better. And in all this time, he refused to go in the yard. I think he just did it to bother me. Well, now that the weather has been more tolerable, he has found his place in the world. I mean, this pig just doesn’t want to come in! I would leave him out there all the time but, my boyfriend is worried about coyotes. Yeah right. Like a coyote would want Oinky. Gag.

Well, when Oinky gets outside he is so full of joy that he does a little dance. Seriously. Its like a wiggle. I think he is trying to get the dogs to play with him… to no avail. They don’t even know we have a pig….I mean, we are watching a pig, anymore. I have been trying to capture this little jig with my camera. It is so glee-ful. I got a smidge. Just look how happy he is in the yard!

Oh, Oinky. Did you see it? Man. That pig.
I hate to admit it, but I am enjoying his antics MUCH more now that he can be outside. Maybe I can make it through the spring. Maybe I said.
Here are some still shots of the beautiful day Atlanta is having today. My car said 75 degrees. I wanted to cry.

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