RED all over


September 28, 2010 by blackbirdideas

I know the first day of fall was last Wednesday, but Sunday’s rainy weather got me thinking fall.

I only left the house once to go to the grocery store and I had to run through the (cold, fall-like) rain. Autumn was definitely on my mind. 
I love how PUBLIX has those bins of cheap-o flowers 3 bunches for $12. I always have a go-to choice: white mini roses, white carnations, and sometimes yellow or pink mini-roses. But as I went over to the flower section, my eyes were drawn to RED RED RED. Oooo… its so fall!
The mini-roses have a red-ish orange-ish hue. I break up the bunches and scatter them through the house. I took a few and put in a Jameson glass on my coffee table.
They are so pretty. They are almost pumpkin colored. 
I also put some on my kitchen window seal. They’ll be gorgeous once they open up. 
I put an identical bunch on the table at the front door. They say “Welcome! Its fall!” 
The bunch of leaves are from a bush in my yard. I have no idea what kind of bush it is, but i think they are so pretty with those green and white leaves. 
I put another bunch of leaves in a fish bowl on my kitchen table. I plucked the leaves off and covered the water with them. Then I stuck some small red flowers in between the leaves. 
I think they look almost Christmasy. This would be good decor for then.
I love love love carnations! They are so happy. Like I said, I usually get white, but the reds at PUBLIX were sooo red. I had to have them. 
They almost look like they are made of paper. 
I used my blue birthday glasses as a vase and proudly have them displayed on my antique hutch.
I had also pickled some onions and tomatoes this summer and well, I can’t get the darned thing opened. So it was just sitting in my fridge, looking pretty. I thought (since I wasn’t going to be eating them) that they would look fall-ish on my hutch. 
My pedicure was even fall-ish (on my monkey toes). 
My polish colors are slowly drifting from pinks and super bright colors to reds (duh) and dark dark colors. 
I have a red room at my house that we call (surprise) “the red room.” I have been wanting to paint it super bright blue for months, but all of my friends have been successfully talking me out of it. And on a rainy fall day, it just makes me want to cuddle up and hang out. Red is cozy….
I can sit peacefully looking out the window with my pal, the ram, staring over me (creeeeepy and dusty… ick). 
My “red room” wall of original art. 
On a related note of all things red… it’s HONEY CRISP apple time!
Waving goodbye to pink lady apples and welcoming Honey Crisps. They even carried them in a special bin at publix. I had one on Monday and boy was it crispy. 
Crispy and Saweeet!
I look forward to scarfs and new jackets when it becomes fall. I also like to lie in the leaves in the yard. 
I like comments… I do… don’t be shy.
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Blackbird Ideas is a blog about food, family, and fun. I love spending time in my Atlanta, GA kitchen, but love to break free and have fun out of the kitchen as well! Visit the pages up top for my recipes and my "Teachers Pay Teachers" store. Welcome and please enjoy!

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